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J.A. Steel
Denizen, The Third Society

JA SteelOne of the few female action film directors in Hollywood, and one of the first western women to study the art of Muay Thai kickboxing in Thailand. J.A. Steel rocked the film and music industry in 1999 with her first feature The Third Society. Steel drew on her experience in working on at least two dozen other feature films to write, direct, produce, edit, and music supervise the 35mm film which was released by Warrior Entertainment in 2003. The Third Society has won Steel numerous awards, including the 2004 Bare Bones Film Festival Indie Auteur and Best Soundtrack awards. Past projects include directing and hosting for the documentary television pilot Dive the Deep Blue and starring as the Alien Bounty Hunter in Ford Austin’s Cerebral Print. Steel’s award winning second feature, Salvation, was released in June 2008 by York Entertainment. Currently, Steel recently completed her third feature, Denizen, for release in 2010.



Park City Film Music Festival January 2009 – DENIZEN: The Teaser Trailer

      “Silver Medal Best Use of Music in a Short Film”

Trash Film Festival September 2008 – DENIZEN: The Teaser Trailer

      “Official Selection”

BareBones Film Festival April 2008 (Muskogee, OK) – SALVATION

      “Best Oklahoma Soil Film”- 2nd Place

      “Best Original Soundtrack” – 3rd Place

      “Best Indie Actor-Auteur” – 2nd Place 

Trash Film Festival September 2007  (Varaždin, Croatia) - SALVATION

      “Best Science Fiction Film" – Nomination

Fright Night Film Festival  August 2007 (Louisville, KY) - SALVATION

      “Honorable Mention”

BareBones Film Festival  April 2007 (Muskogee, OK) – SALVATION TRAILER

      “Official Selection”

Park City Film Music Festival  January 2007 (Park City, UT) – SALVATION TRAILER

      “Silver Medal Best Use of Music in a Short Film”

Cherokee Film Festival  September 2006 (Tahlequah, OK) – DIVE THE DEEP BLUE

      “Honorable Mention Non-Native American Documentary” – J.A. Steel (Dir./Prod.)

Barebones Independent Film Festival  April 2006 (Muskogee, OK) – DIVE THE DEEP BLUE

      “Best Documentary” – Nomination

Pathway Digital International Film Festival September 2005 – CEREBRAL PRINT: END GAME

      “Official Selection”

Salt Lake Asian Pacific Film Festival April 2005 (Salt Lake City, UT) – THE THIRD SOCIETY

      “Official Selection”

Barebones Independent Film Festival  April 2005 (Muskogee, OK)

      “Official Selection” – DIVE THE DEEP BLUE PROMO TRAILER

      “Best Actress” – Nomination CEREBRAL PRINT: END GAME

Roadance Film Festival 2005 (Park City, UT) – DIVE THE DEEP BLUE PROMO TRAILER

      “Official Selection”

Park City Film Music Festival  January 2005 (Park City, UT) – THE THIRD SOCIETY

      “Best Action Feature Film Score”

Script 2 Screen Festival October 2004 (Tulsa, OK) – THE THIRD SOCIETY & BELIEVE

      “Best Music Videos” – J.A. Steel (Director)

      “Finalist – Shoot N’Oklahoma” – Writer (for Believe)

Cherokee Film Festival  September 2004 (Tahlequah, OK) – THE THIRD SOCIETY

      “Best Non-Native American Feature Film” – J.A. Steel (Producer/Director) 


HONORS & AWARDS (continued)

Barebones Independent Film Festival - April 2004 (Muskogee, OK) – THE THIRD SOCIETY

      “Indie Auteur of the Year” – J.A. Steel (Director, Producer, Writer, Editor, Actress)

      “Best Soundtrack”

      “Best Poster”

      “Best Shameless Self-Promotion” – Nomination

Urban Mediamakers Fall Festival 2002 (Atlanta, GA) – THE THIRD SOCIETY

      “Official Selection”

B-Movie Awards 2002 (New York, NY) – THE THIRD SOCIETY

      “Best Action Sequences” – Nomination



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