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Ed DeGruy

Con Chair

Ed Degruy returns as our 2024 ConChair! Ed has been a geek, nerd, and lifelong fan who about 30 years ago felt the need to give back to the community and started volunteering at cons. Since then he has been everything from grunt to con chair of conventions. His biggest accomplishments are Outlantacon, Director of the Guest Hospitality Suite at DragonCon, Consuite Director for Frolicon, and Sales Manager for the Star Wars Celebration. He has also been the Fan Guest of Honour for Conquest and received multiple lifetime achievement awards.



Programming Director

JLP Prince (they/them pronouns) serves as the programming director for OutlantaCon 2024. As part of their day job, JLP works for Cornell University as a Data Coordinator in the Einhorn Center for Community Engagement. They are also pursuing their Ph.D. in Fire and Emergency Management Administration at Oklahoma State University.


JLP lived in the Atlanta area for almost 10 years, leading to their connections with the geek convention scene and finding many good friends along the way. They currently live in Fuquay-Varina, NC. JLP is a part of many fandoms including Star Trek, Steven Universe, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Sailor Moon, just to name a few. In their free time, JLP enjoys tabletop gaming (especially cooperative games), Nintendo gaming, swimming, and reading. They also serve as the Assistant Director of Media Relations for Dragon Con.

Jeff Smith.jpg

Jeff Smith

Registration Director

For any questions about registration, things to do with money or legalities email him here -


Darie LK Wolfson

Volunteers and Gaming Director

Darie is a professional LGBTQIA+ advocate and community member. Darie works for an event design and production company, while working in public health in the side. Darie’s interest is specifically in connecting folks to healthcare resources such as insurance and other programs offered by state, federal, and private entities.


Darie lives in Metro Atlanta with her partner/Hubbster Keith and their 4 fur kids.  Darie's pronouns are she/her or they/them, and her name rhymes with “sorry, Ferrari, safari, Atari, and Mata Hari.” Darie's fandoms are vast, but mostly include The Whedonverse, anything Neil Gaiman has ever even breathed upon, Disney, the Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes, D&D, and tabletop gaming. Darie also has an intense love of crochet and almost always has a project in-hand.


Darie loves doing volunteer coordination and enhancing the volunteer experience. She has over 25 years’ experience leading volunteers across various cons and organizations throughout Georgia. Darie is passionate about making the wheels of events turn, and helping to ensure that all those in attendance have a great experience.

Michael Stork.jpg

Michael Stork

Social Media & Website Coordinator

Michael Stork has been traveling the USA as a professional insult comic for Renaissance festivals for 16 years, he is also the first openly gay insulter at the Georgia Renaissance Festival (you would see him at Vegetable Justice(the tomato throwing game)).


He spent five years doing an insult puppet show at Six Flags over Georgia.

He has moved around a little since the 2023 OutlantaCon, now working for Universal Orlando Resorts, helping Guests have a memorable vacation.

Michael is an expert at "fake it til you make it" and so can you!

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